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Image ID: Background is blotches of purple, pink. green, and yellow - all around the frame are images of silhouetted dancing people with bright colorful lines outlining the silhouettes. At the top of the frame is a baby blue blotch with hand drawn on top it text reading "THE TOOLS WE USE". The text is made with a wiggling black line and colored in with blue, green, yellow, purple, and red. Around the text are red hearts and yellow smiley faces. A blue line makes a "L" shape and frames the text in the left corner. Below that is a another blue blotch with black text on top of it reading "Hook&Loop group residency at AUTOMAT 1400 N. American St. Phila PA”. Below that is a red blotch with black text that reads “ Exhibition. Performances, and pop up shop from local Disabled artists. Below this is a smearing of blotches in yellow, pink, and green. On top of those colors is black text reading “Opening reception Aug 11 : 6pm -9pm. Open hours Aug 13, 20, 27 : 12pm-5pm”. Image ID written by Shannon Brooks

flier created by Vinetta Miller

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Hook&Loop group residency

at AUTOMAT August 10th - 28th 2022. 

art exhibition


& pop up shop 

h&l & A.png



Opening reception:

Aug 11. 6pm-9pm 

Open hours: 

Saturday Aug 13, 20, & 27 


Pop Up shop organized by

This Must Be The Place

Programming and exhibition

organized by Hook&Loop collective.

Detailed Schedule and

Accessibility FAQ below

THE TOOLS WE USE celebrates the range of our practices while calling attention to the hierarchies of power that shape them, both within and outside of the Disabled community. Our determination to create transcends inequities in financial resources, opportunities, space, time, materials, and access. Featured artists work on canvas and on paper towels, alone and with support staff. We create work about, for, and with our Disabled bodies. Our interdependence sustains us - we are here. Hook&Loop’s programming and exhibition at AUTOMAT will transform over time, a reflection of our needs and our continuing critical conversations about the systems that perpetuate these hierarchies of power. The exhibition includes animation, ceramics, painting, sculpture, video, collage, and textiles. THE TOOLS WE USE will feature performances including music, dance, poetry, a DJ set/dance party, discourse, and spoken word at the opening on August 1, as well as on Saturdays August 13, 20, and 27.

horse 2.png

Horse Image 1 ID: A figure riding a horse on a white background. The figure and horse are leaning to the right and facing to the front. The figure is wearing pink and has bright pink lines drawn in swirls on their face and neck and bright blue lines drawn to outline their body. The horse is brown and has white markings on its face. The horse has yellow lines drawn in swirls on its face and yellow lines outlining its body. Image ID written by Maggie MIlls

illustration created by Vinetta Miller

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