Hook&Loop is an accessible artist collective led by Disabled, Chronically Ill, neurodivergent and MAD people.


Hook&Loop was established in November 2020 in response to a pandemic environment that has further marginalized Disabled lives. We are an evolving network of people who have equal ownership of the collective. Our members shape the pace, format, space, and time of our work. Our work is founded in equity, solidarity, and community. We work together to create accessible spaces, creative practices and interdisciplinary events for all. 


Hook&Loop advocates for an anti-capitalist shift in power structures that uphold oppression against Disabled people. Our practice celebrates Disabled lives as an act of resistance against a political-social system set up to control our bodies, labor, experiences, and historical narrative.


We meet online weekly and sometimes meet in person. 

Email us at hookandloopphl@gmail.com to get involved. 

Why Hook&Loop?


Hook&loop is like velcro. Like the gears in your chair; the curve of your spine.

Hook you up. Loop you in.

Like the mingling nerves in your brain. 

The way your glasses loop around your ear.

Hook&Loop's name and logo was created by Lily Feingold.

Learn more:

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